Our funding focus for 2018 was for the Neonatal Intensive care unit (NICU). The NICU admits patients from all over Northern California and provides the highest level of critical care to newborns.

These are some of the items the Branches funded through 2018 events:

Giraffe Shuttle. This shuttle is an all-inclusive transport module designed to move NICU patients from one care area to another within the Hospital in a thermalregulated and safe environment.

$22,200 Per Unit/Need 2 


Transport Isolette. Transport Isolette. As a Level IV NICU, transport isolettes are needed to safely move babies to Oakland Children's from all over the East Bay. These incubators provide everything a baby needs to avoid disturbances during transport, including temperature and humidity control, ventilators, brain cooling devices, and more. $150,000

Rover Hand-Held Bedside Device. Hand held devices at the patient bedside will allow on-the-spot data entry. Care teams will be able to communicate immediately with one another and will be helpful in emergency situations. These portable devices will replace larger computers on carts.

$4,615 Per Unit/Need 70 

Giraffe OmniBed Isolette. This bed provide a warm, comfortable and developmentally supportive environment for premature babies. The updated design converts from isolette to table, and can be easily controlled by caregivers with a foot pedal.

$36,630 Per Unit Need 2 

Panda Warming Table. This warmer is designed as an open table for stronger babies, allowing for better access and visibility for families and caregivers.

$22,766 Per Unit/Need 2 

Sleep Chairs. These comfy chairs are provided so parents can sit and sleep next to their child’s bedside. The chair converts from a chair to a bed in seconds. This is a recurring need as the chairs get continuous usage and wear out as a result.

$3,300 per unit, Recurring need 

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